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Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in the exam registration and online payment process at Zagros International University, please read the following text carefully before taking any action. These regulations have been compiled in order to protect the rights and duties of all people who subscribe to this process:

  1. Accuracy of information and personal information: At the time of registration, please enter your personal information correctly and completely. Any mistake or incomplete information can lead to rejection of registration or other problems in your future. International University of Zagros will not be held responsible for any incorrect information provided.
  2. Online registration and payment fees: Registration fees for exams and other similar processes may vary. The costs related to the registration will be announced to you in a transparent manner before the final confirmation of the registration. In case of payment, this payment is not refundable.
  3. Security in online payment: Rasa Alborz Technical Campus University site uses safe online payment methods to collect fees. All information related to payment is sent using cryptographic technologies, and none of your financial information will be shared with unauthorized persons.
  4. Final confirmation of registration: After entering the information and paying the fee, your registration request will reach the final confirmation stage. If the final confirmation is not done, your registration will not be completed and will not be valid.
  5. Cancellation and changes: After the final confirmation of the registration, it will not be possible to cancel or change your request. For this reason, make sure to be careful when registering.
  6. Responsibilities and rights: By paying the fee and final approval of registration, you accept all the responsibilities and rights associated with participating in tests and similar processes. Rasa Alborz Technical Campus University site will not be responsible for problems caused by incorrect information or failed payments.

Please read and consider the above rules and regulations carefully before taking any action. By completing the registration and payment process, you implicitly agree to these rules.

with regards,

Zagros International University