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All academic programs at Zagros International University have now been enhanced with new specializations

Dear International Students of Zagros University,

With great respect and pride, I congratulate you on your recent achievements. I seize this opportunity to announce an exhilarating piece of news: All academic programs at Zagros International University have now been enhanced with new specializations!

This development reflects our commitment to providing a quality and comprehensive education that meets your needs as dynamic and knowledge-seeking international students. Along with these new specializations, we are offering you more opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Congratulations on this achievement, and we look forward to seeing the positive and long-term effects it will have on your educational and professional paths. We are pleased to announce that registration for specialized programs in medical disciplines at Zagros International University is now available. Students studying in general medicine and paramedical fields can now directly enter their desired specialty.

This new opportunity enables you, our valued students, to acquire more specialized knowledge and skills and advance in specific areas of medicine and paramedicine. With this new step, Zagros International University demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the educational level and providing excellent educational opportunities for its students.

Please visit the university’s registration office or contact us for more information and details about the registration.

We look forward to your participation in these new specialized programs and are hopeful for your future advancements.

Best wishes,
President of Zagros International University
Dr. Mohammad Mirzaei Moghaddam

About Zagros International University

Welcome to Zagros International University a place for science, culture, and innovation. In a knowledge-based environment, we are proud to realize educational justice and train capable students in the fields of medicine and paramedicine.

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