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Calling for peace in the Palestinian-Israeli war by the president of Zagros International University

Dear Esteemed Individuals,

As a representative of Zagros International University, in this pivotal historical moment, I address the peoples of Palestine and Israel and the international community, calling for peace and reconciliation.

Throughout history, humanity has always strived to find peaceful solutions to conflicts through dialogue and understanding. Today, we at Zagros International University stand to make our voice heard to the world, emphasizing the importance of peace, friendship, and brotherhood among all nations.

The conflict between Palestine and Israel has caused pain and suffering for decades, affecting thousands of lives. As an academic community, we believe that knowledge and education can serve as a bridge to overcome differences and reach a common understanding.

Let us join hands and work towards a peaceful and prosperous future for all people in the region. We urge both sides to focus not on their differences but on finding common ground and ways for peaceful coexistence.

Doctor mohammad mirzaei moghadam
President of Zagros International University

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