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Technical engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Zagros International University

Zagros International University, with a practical and scientific approach, prepares all of its students for entry into the professional job market. This university, with the help of an experienced and expert academic team, has focused on enhancing the professional and research competencies of its students by examining thousands of students and the results of all technical, engineering, humanities, and basic sciences programs.

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Zagros International University of Science and Engineering:

Academic Credibility: Presence of renowned and experienced professors, along with high rankings in international classifications. Research Facilities: Access to laboratories, modern equipment, and sufficient resources for research and development. Diverse and Up-to-date Educational Programs: Offering a variety of courses that align with current industry needs. Industry Connections: Establishing effective ties with technology companies and engineering industries for training graduates ready for the job market. International Opportunities: Providing student exchange programs and international internships. Student Activities and Scientific Clubs: Existence of student societies, technical clubs, and events that enhance the practical skills of students.

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