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Conference of Bahman 1402 Zagros International University

Ghadir Conference Hall Hemet Gharb highway, after Azadegan, Tehran Cascade exit, Jedi Ardabili St., next to Ghaem Clinic, Tehran

Dear students We are looking forward to seeing you on the occasion of the 2nd Zagros International University white coat conference, which is the result of months of continuous efforts of this group. Attendance of students is mandatory! Each student can have one companion by his side. (Be sure to bring your national ID) Time …

Happy birthday to Dr. Mirzaii 🎂🎉🎁

Happy birthday to Dr. Mohammad Mirzaii, the head of international Zagros University. You are a great leader and a visionary who has contributed to the development and excellence of Zagros University. You have also inspired and mentored many students and faculty members with your knowledge, wisdom, and passion. On this special day, we wish you …