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features of Zagros International University in basic sciences:

features of Zagros International University in basic sciences:

  1. Experienced and Knowledgeable Professors: Professors who are experienced and specialists recognized in their research fields.
  2. Modern Equipment and Laboratories: Access to advanced laboratories and equipment for research and education.
  3. Up-to-Date and Comprehensive Curricula: Curricula covering current topics and scientific advancements.
  4. Research Opportunities: Wide-ranging research opportunities for students in various basic science fields.
  5. National and International Collaborations: Connections and collaborations with universities, research institutions, and industries around the world.
  6. Financial Support and Scholarships: Offering financial supports and scholarships to encourage students.
  7. Active Student Environment and Student Support: Availability of extracurricular activities, science clubs, and psychological supports.
  8. University Reputation and Ranking: Having a good ranking in national and international rankings related to basic sciences.
  9. Job Opportunities After Graduation: Strong connections with industry and research institutes to facilitate entry into the job market.
  10. Multicultural Environment and Diversity: Presence of students and professors from around the world, bringing diverse cultures and perspectives.

About Zagros International University

Welcome to Zagros International University a place for science, culture, and innovation. In a knowledge-based environment, we are proud to realize educational justice and train capable students in the fields of medicine and paramedicine.

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