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Licenses of Zagros International University

Zagros International University, established through the acquisition of Pardis Rasa Fonoon Alborz Institute, holds several prestigious licenses in various educational fields both in Iran and internationally. This university has entered the field of skill-based and specialized training with a license for a technical and vocational training complex from the National Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Iran.

Additionally, holding a license from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran as a non-governmental higher education institution allows Zagros International University to offer academic courses and postgraduate studies. The license from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran as a multi-purpose institute enables the university to engage in cultural and artistic educational activities.

The license from the Organization of Administrative and Financial Management of Iran signifies the university’s capability to manage and implement educational programs with specific financial and administrative standards.

The university’s international standing is further enhanced by obtaining an educational license from Turkey, named as Zagros International University. Moreover, the language training license from the Ministry of Education of Iran allows the university to operate in the field of foreign language education.

The university’s unique innovation in obtaining a license to establish a branch of Zagros in Iran, recently approved by the Cultural Revolution Council and also endorsed by the Deputy of the Judiciary of Iran, highlights its special credibility in the country.
In addition, Zagros International University, with agreements with 73 reputable Turkish universities, has established a wide and active international collaboration network. This enables Zagros International University to share its experiences, resources, and knowledge with other higher education institutions. These international connections provide a platform for student and faculty exchanges, joint research projects, and the organization of international conferences and workshops.

The university’s presence in the global system of online universities also strengthens its position among leading higher education institutions, allowing it to participate in an extensive global network. This presence not only offers access to a diverse range of educational resources but also enables participation in research and educational activities with over 10,000 universities worldwide.

The issuance of degrees by colleges affiliated with the global online university grants international credibility to the graduates of Zagros International University, as these degrees are globally recognized and accepted.

With these accreditations and extensive collaborations, Zagros International University has been able to play a key role in elevating the level of education and research in Iran and simultaneously serve as a bridge for cultural and academic interaction between Iran and the global community.

About Zagros International University

Welcome to Zagros International University a place for science, culture, and innovation. In a knowledge-based environment, we are proud to realize educational justice and train capable students in the fields of medicine and paramedicine.

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