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Quds Day

“Quds Day” is a global day. There is no day dedicated only to Quds. It is the day of confrontation between the oppressed and the arrogant. It is the day of confrontation of the nations that were under the pressure of American and non-American oppression, against the superpowers. It is a day when the oppressed should be armed against the arrogant, and rub the nose of the arrogant. It is the day when there will be a distinction between the hypocrites and the committed ones. Those who are committed consider this day as a holy day, and they do what they have to do. And the hypocrites – those who are familiar with the superpowers under the veil and are friends with Israel – are indifferent on this day, or they don’t let the nations pretend. Quds Day is the day when the fate of the oppressed nations must be determined, the oppressed nations must declare their existence against the arrogant.

(Book of Imam; Vol. 9, p. 276)

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