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Registration in Türkiye

Study directly and affordably in Turkey through the International University of Zagros. This signifies our commitment to providing educational opportunities for students who aspire to study in Turkey.

Undoubtedly, the International University of Zagros strives to directly and cost-effectively enroll students in Turkey. Our primary objective is to offer students the chance to access higher education and personal development in an international academic environment without intermediaries.

With our experience and expertise in academic affairs in Turkey, the International University of Zagros aims to assist students in choosing from a variety of courses and fields that align with their interests and personal goals. Moreover, we help students navigate a straightforward and transparent path through the stages of university selection, enrollment, and migration to Turkey.

We take pride in supporting our students and accompanying them in achieving their educational and professional aspirations. The International University of Zagros serves as a bridge to education in Turkey and looks forward to hearing your needs and questions, so we can provide the best services and aid you in studying in Turkey.”

Here is the English translation of the list of universities for direct registration in Turkey by the International University of Zagros:

  1. Tad University
  2. Altinbas University Istanbul
  3. Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
  4. Bilgi University Istanbul
  5. Istanbul Bilim University
  6. Medipol University Ankara
  7. Near East University
  8. Konya Agricultural and Food University
  9. Ostim Technical University
  10. Lokman Hekim University
  11. Yashar University
  12. Hasan Kalyoncu University
  13. Ankara Science University
  14. Turkish Aeronautical Association University
  15. Altin University
  16. Uskudar University
  17. Sabahattin Zaim University Istanbul
  18. Sehir University Istanbul
  19. Bilken University
  20. Tarsus University
  21. Cyprus Bahcesehir University
  22. Girne American University
  23. Cyprus Science University
  24. Cyprus West University
  25. Nesin Mathematics Village University
  26. Bahcesehir University
  27. Aydin University Istanbul
  28. Medipol University Istanbul
  29. Bikent University
  30. Duzce University
  31. Bicoz University
  32. Gidik University Istanbul
  33. Ozyegin University
  34. Khader Has University
  35. Topkapi University Istanbul
  36. Sabanci University
  37. Kuchuk University
  38. Maltepe University
  39. Kent University Istanbul
  40. Kultur University Istanbul
  41. Yeditepe University
  42. Aral University Istanbul
  43. Isik University
  44. Yeni Yuzuncu Yil University
  45. Uskudar University
  46. Halic University
  47. Biruni University
  48. Atlas University Istanbul
  49. Okan University Istanbul
  50. Eastern Mediterranean University
  51. Cyprus International Institute of Social and Public Health Sciences

These are various universities where students can register directly in Turkey through the International University of Zagros.

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