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Simultaneous course and college studies at Zagros International University

“The International University of Zagros, aiming to enhance educational standards and create new opportunities for students, has initiated a novel program that allows simultaneous enrollment in main university courses and college classes. This program, developed in collaboration with various academic departments and colleges, enables students to progress in two educational paths at the same time, thereby acquiring a diverse range of specialized knowledge and experiences.

Through this program, students can pursue specialized college courses concurrently with their university studies, thus gaining access to both practical and theoretical training in various fields. This flexible educational system helps students to strengthen their professional and specialized skills while completing their university education, preparing them more effectively for the job market.

With the introduction of this innovative program, the University of Zagros hopes to positively impact students’ academic and professional performance, paving a new path in higher education. This initiative is designed to realize advanced educational objectives and meet the evolving needs of students in the current era.”

About Zagros International University

Welcome to Zagros International University a place for science, culture, and innovation. In a knowledge-based environment, we are proud to realize educational justice and train capable students in the fields of medicine and paramedicine.

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