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Happy Teacher’s Day

You should leave the world a little better than what you have received delivery Either with a good child Either with a green garden Even with a little improvement in social conditions And to know even just one person with you He breathed easier It means you have succeeded Dear teacher, you made our world a little better, a little more aware, a little more human Happy day

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Denial of any connection between the International University of Zagros and the members of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution

"The International University of Zagros insists that it has no connection with the members of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and the employees of this council. It is false to announce the names as members related to the university, and report any fake information to the security of the university to be followed up. These actions are for misusing the name of Zagros and the narrow-minded people who appointed competent people from this council to the University of Zagros should be held accountable in all authorities. The university has no accountability towards the individuals and denies any claim of connection with the employees and members of the council. It is also announced that the university is obtaining a license from this institution with an official request, and it is up to the members of this council to decide whether to obtain or reject this license.

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