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Admission of students to continue their studies in Zagros

Zagros International University, offering world-class educational programs, attracts students from all around the globe to pursue studies in various scientific fields:

  1. Medical Sciences: Students interested in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and related fields can benefit from up-to-date teachings and advanced research at this university.
  2. Basic Sciences: The university provides excellent research and educational opportunities in fields like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics for those passionate about basic sciences.
  3. Engineering and Technical Sciences: Students can take advantage of modern and practical educational programs in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Computer Engineering.
  4. Humanities: Disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, History, and Literature are available for students to gain a deep understanding of the humanities.

Students wishing to join this international academic environment can easily fill out the registration form and submit their application for admission. The university’s support team is ready to assist and guide through all stages of the admission process.

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About Zagros International University

Welcome to Zagros International University a place for science, culture, and innovation. In a knowledge-based environment, we are proud to realize educational justice and train capable students in the fields of medicine and paramedicine.

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